Military Drives U.S. Industry

Military Drives U.S. Industry

Sitting in Mack Trucks’ new Anthem at AUSA reminded me of how tough, resilient, and innovative U.S. industry is. I believe that these qualities grew out of the industry’s dedication and commitment to meeting the needs of our military. 

Like so many enduring U.S. companies, Mack has a long history of support and partnership with our military. Vehicles such as the Mack Bulldogs that soldiers depended on in WWI were reengineered and adapted for commercial use. Throughout the years, Mack Trucks proudly dominated the fleets of many U.S. trucking companies, including the company that was founded and built by my grandfathers and father, who provided jobs to many veterans and hard working men and women. Typical of American ingenuity, innovations developed for the military continue to be adapted for commercial use here and all over the world.

For more than a century, Mack has continued to meet the needs of the warfighter and is just one example of thousands of companies that have survived the ups and downs of budgets, economies, and have seen our troops through many wars and conflicts.

Aerospace companies with deep military heritage, such as Boeing, continue to lead the world in technologies that connect our worlds and save lives. Recent innovations and advancements in unmanned systems and robotics have transformed the way we gather intelligence, respond to events and disasters, and resolve conflicts both in and outside of theater. Just think of what Boeing has done for air travel and economies worldwide. Missile defense providers, such as Raytheon, serve with our troops on the front line, providing our nation and allies with “peace of mind” thanks to their smart missile defense technology that can only be made in America. While other trusted companies like General Dynamics provide mission systems and intelligence capabilities that enable ongoing modernization of our fleet and guide our ships and land vehicles safely through unfriendly waters and terrain.

Legacy defense contractors and manufacturers are not the only ones that answer the call from our military. Emerging companies that provide much needed cybersecurity expertise and support in C4ISR and CBRN areas provide invaluable support to our military, frequently partnering with larger companies to provide expertise and ready technology add-ons to products, often making it possible to get solutions into the hands of the soldiers faster. Many of these technologies are repurposed for other uses within our government and commercially. Likewise, with body armor and protection technology companies, such as Med-Eng, whose smart multi-threat protection wear developed for the military are being used by allied forces and law enforcement to provide technology and protection for critical situations such as bomb disposal and mine blasts.

U.S. industry always answers the call from those who defend our nation and its allies. Putting service to our country and our troops first is a given. It’s what we do as Americans and it makes us, our businesses, our country, and our troops stronger.