Orthopaedic Nurses Certification Board (ONCB)

Challenge: Expand certification of orthopaedic nurses in a time when employers were becoming resistant to reimbursing for certifications. In addition, millennials, who were comprising more of the workforce, were less loyal to employers and resistant to make a commitment to a specialty. ONCB also suffered from low awareness and confusion around the certification processes.

Solution: TWP created an updated brand that reflected the organization’s level of professionalism and spoke to the orthopaedic nursing specialty and benefits of becoming certified. A targeted multi-audience, multichannel campaign that included new identity, website, brochures, exhibit materials, Ambassador Toolkit, print and online ads were created to increase awareness and the value of ONCB. TWP worked to engage the board members and existing certified nurses, providing message training to build consensus and ensure all messaging and new products were used effectively.

Result: Certified nurses embraced the new brand and campaign becoming Ambassadors to recruit new nurses for certification. Multi-audience campaigns were effective in reaching a very large market universe efficiently increasing the number of nurses certified. New materials and support to existing members were instrumental in increasing retention.