Office of Radiological Security
Enhancing Global Security

Challenge: TWP’s challenge was to create awareness of the newly formed Office of Radiological Security (ORS) connecting with stakeholders in U.S. and international governances and worldwide users of radiological materials to achieve the mission of enhancing global security by preventing high-activity radioactive materials from being used in acts of terrorism.

Solution: TWP conducted a series of facilitated meetings with ORS leadership to develop messaging and communications strategies to connect with individual audiences. TWP developed ORS identity and branded campaigns to appeal to audiences that offered a creative, less government-type of approach to cut through “noise” of information. The campaign included print, digital, video, presentation, exhibits, conferences, public relations, and research.

Result: ORS has expanded their awareness utilizing the communication tools that clearly explain each audiences’ challenges and the benefit of ORS offerings. To date, ORS has worked with over 700 U.S businesses in all 50 states and has partnered with more than 1,000 sites in over 80 countries. Due to the success of the campaign, TWP has been engaged by a number of collaborating Offices.